Discover Sourcing in Twitter – Part-1

The buzz and traffic that Twitter generates makes it an exciting platform for Recruiters to be in, despite the interface that takes some getting used to. It may be surprising and interesting to note that Twitter sourcing has surpassed sourcing through LinkedIn in recent years.

Though a huge volume of resources is available in Twitter, it is yet a great challenge for recruiters to find potential candidates. However, by fine tuning our searching methods, we should be able to use this medium to its full potential.

Sourcing in Twitter

• Sourcing in Twitter for amateurs is not a snap. It requires a special skill and creative thinking to match the keywords and retrieve what we want exactly rather than viewing what the application throws on the screen.

• Sourcing personnel must understand the fact that the words which are typed on the search tool does not exactly search the keyword in BIO section in the Twitter profile. It is only directed at different tweets and groups about the related topic.

• The BIO section in Twitter is the place where the profile holder can post his profession, skills, hobbies, designation etc.

• Hence, it is more important to go beyond the regular search features which include #, geo-codes and RSS feed.


Get an idea of different Twitter Applications

• There are different applications available to shorten our Twitter search process and to get the outcome and resource which we want.

• These include Twellow, TweetGrid, TweetDeck etc. By using these applications effectively, we can zero in on the potential candidates.

• These applications enable us to match the search keywords with the skills & professions listed in the BIO of different profiles and thus help increase the output of the recruiters.

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