December , 2017

Changing Recruitment Dynamics – New Product Launch

When I heard of Bots and how they can revolutionize the engagement experience, my mind went over the possibility of how we can use this in the Recruitment space to engage with candidates the way a good recruiter would
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August , 2017

Problems of Today Solved with Solutions of Tomorrow

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August , 2017


While there is a clear demonstration of the need for Industry to integrate Robotics and IoT to deliver more value, integration of newer technologies necessitates employment of people with a different set of skills
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August , 2017

Robotics – Part of Industry 4.0 – An Overview

Industrial robots are on the verge of revolutionizing manufacturing. As they become smarter, faster and cheaper, they’re being called upon to do more and are an essential component of Industry 4.0, the fourth Industrial Revolution that is upon us. There has been a recent surge in robotics globally, reflected on a number of fronts - in the number of orders for robots placed, amount invested in robotics start-ups, and in the number of patents on robotics technology
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@focusontech We have an awesome people mix. It is not just the work but the characters in a workplace that makes it interesting…
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@focusontech Changing Recruitment Dynamics – New Product Launch
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@focusontech Hearty congratulations to Ragul Deep from SDC NTO team who has won Bronze medal in Inter Corporate Indoor Sports fo…
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We have an awesome people mix. It is not just the work but the characters in a workplace that makes it interesting and inspiring. And some of these characters are unassuming, yet their achievements so magnificent…that it makes sharing such wonderful news a moment of great pride. Meet some of our unassuming heroes….

Vel – completed his first full marathon and was quite nonchalant the next day when the very thought of such an event makes some of us swoon😊

Sathya – a marathon veteran, breezed through a half marathon this time around…Sathya has the luxury to pick and choose😉

Ragul Deep – baddie prince – won the bronze at the InterCorporate Championships

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